Why we play

By Cristina Lopez – 5 months ago

[CW: This article mentions death and cancer.] I first started playing field hockey when I was eight years old. My mother had played field hockey at Middlebury College, and she…

Kaepernick is face of a movement, history in the making

By Ryan El Amine – 5 months ago

Knee bent and unwavering, staring deep into the face of centuries of unchanging oppression, serenaded by the same “Star Spangled Banner” built on the backs of chains and shackles, Colin…

Why we play: Ethan Pierce

By Ethan Pierce – 5 months ago

I should begin by acknowledging that it is odd that I am writing for a column focused on athletes. As I hope to convey, while still a sport, frisbee, to…

Field hockey looks to defend their goal—and their title

By Alessandra Fable and Jackie Molloy – 5 months ago

It seems like Vassar College’s field hockey defensive unit has an answer for everything nowadays. Whether they are blocking shots on the goal line as second nature like they did…

Superstitious squad shows superiority at Scramble

By Alessandra Fable and Jackie Molloy – 5 months ago

Every athlete has their own set of superstitions: putting on your right shoe before your left, always wearing the same headband or sitting on the same side of the bench…

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