Veterans’ Voices

A Thank You from Vassar Veterans Association

By Britt Andrade and Asia Baker – 6 months ago

As outgoing president and vice president, we have seen the growth of the Vassar Veterans Association (VVA) and the increasing visibility of veterans and military-affiliated students over the last three…

Collages of service

By Anonymous – 6 months ago

I did a lot of things in the military, or a lot of things that happened in the military ran through me. My time in service feels like a collage…

Journeying to Vassar College

By Anonymous – 6 months ago

My journey at Vassar College has been a profound transformation, one of which I am profoundly grateful for. As a first-generation college student and American, the very thought of attending…

Gender bias in military healthcare

By Audrey Perrone – 6 months ago

As a six-year Navy Veteran, I rarely speak in depth about my service because I have mixed feelings about my time in the Navy. On one hand, I traveled the…

Vassar Vet. Presents: A poem by D.

By D – 6 months ago

Vassar is a school, unlike any other.  I love it almost as much as last year,  When I stopped talking to my mother.  Its ups and downs are here and…


By Brian Lepak – 6 months ago

Dollar signs salute,  Bank account gets the recruit,  Crazy came for free.

Invisible Service

By Britt Andrade – 6 months ago

“Tell your husband, thank you for his service.” I have heard this countless times, sometimes when I was still wearing my uniform. I guess his service was more important than…

A thank you from VVA

By Britt Andrade – 2 years ago

The Vassar Veterans Association would like to take this opportunity to thank The Miscellany News and its dedicated staff to its continued commitment to Veterans’ Voices. This is the fourth…

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