The Miscellany News, one of the oldest collegiate weeklies in the country, has served as the student newspaper of Vassar College since 1866. Produced by more than 40 student volunteers, The Miscellany News sets Vassar’s standard for in-depth reporting, creative thinking, exemplary writing and journalistic excellence. Student workers distribute the paper every Thursday morning during the academic year, and thousands of Vassar students, faculty members, administrators, staff, alumnae/i and Arlington readers flip through it over their morning coffee to stay up to date with the latest campus goings-on.

We welcome submissions from all members of the College community to supplement contributions from our staff of over 40 reporters, columnists, photographers, multimedia correspondents, designers and editors. Visit us at 9 p.m. in the Rose Parlor of Main Building every Sunday night for an informal discussion of the week’s paper (Paper Critique), or contact us at to get involved.

Executive Board


Ted Chmyz |

Ted Chmyz ’21 is from Los Altos, California and is a reluctant Economics major. When he’s not fighting the long fight against Oxford commas and incorrectly formatted headlines he can be found playing frisbee at six in the morning in the Bays or waiting for the Deece to refresh its cookie supply. Otherwise, he is likely in his room, watching his fantasy football team’s progress on eight tabs at once.

Managing Editor

Taylor Stewart

Taylor Stewart ’22 is from Tokyo, Japan and, to her parents’ disappointment, is majoring in English and Art History. She likes drawing, but likes looking at (and writing about) others’ drawings far more.

Senior Editors

Tiana Headley

Tiana Headley ’22 is a sophomore political science major who should have declared in sociology. She hails from Miami and will swiftly correct anyone who claims living in Miami and living in Florida are the same thing. Besides fulfilling her duties as News Editor, she also works as an intern at the ALANA Center. In her free time, she enjoys meme archiving and keeping tabs on all the cats she follows on Instagram. 

Dean Kopitsky

Dean Kopitsky ’22 is a sophomore at Vassar, meaning he doesn’t know what he’s majoring in, but American Studies is what he tells concerned inquirers. While he wants to pursue a career in journalism, his prospects are dim, as he only writes when “inspired.” Outside of school, he appreciates a good trail run followed by mowing down enough hash browns and chocolate chip waffles to sedate a calf.

Olivia Watson

Olivia Watson ’22 is a sophomore from Indiana, who, after much reflection, is majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a correlate in Italian. When she’s not busy tracking down sources for news articles or frantically texting her co-editors, she works in Vassar’s Costume Shop, takes dance classes and loves getting bagels at the Deece. 

Contributing Editors

Aena Khan

Aena Khan is a sophomore who declared a major in International Studies instead of choosing between History and Political Science, and a correlate in Arabic Studies. When she isn’t glued to her email or frantically finishing a reading, Aena works in the Admissions office and with the Vassar Refugee Solidarity. She would much rather be reading personal essays (pretty much always from Joan Didion) and enjoying atrocious amounts of caffeine.  

Jessica Moss

Jessica is a political science and Russian Studies double major. She has previously served as Copy Editor, News Editor, Senior Editor and Editor-in-Chief. She enjoys lists, poetry, piano, long sentences, Sunday mornings and fluffy, yet sinister, cats.

Holly Shulman

Holly Shulman ’21 is a Hispanic studies major who spends a considerable amount of time contemplating potential double majors and/or correlates. She arrived at the Misc somewhat accidentally, having submitted one article on a whim over the summer and subsequently fallen prey to emails with the subject line “Just in case you want to write again this week…” Besides serving as a Contributing Editor, she is a VELLOP tutor, a research assistant and a member of the Vassar Equestrian Team, a statement which is frequently proceeded by a chorus of “I didn’t know that existed!”s.

Abby Tarwater

Abby Tarwater ’21 is an English major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is also interested in history. When she’s not writing for the Misc, Abby can be found working in the Writing Center or dancing with Vass Shakers. She also enjoys long naps, tarot cards, reading and listening to records.

Editorial Board



Lucille Brewster

Annabelle Wang

Assistant Editors

Sara Lawler

Alex Wilson



Janet Song

Janet Song ’23 did not tell her mom she gave up her Economics major to study English and Media Studies. Time is an illusion to her and she somehow manages to cram her time with the Misc, Portrait, Vassar Asian American Working Group, and late night sessions of Stardew Valley gameplay. If she is not sleep deprived, she can be found with her stuffed alpaca RJ watching compilations of badly written Riverdale lines.



Meghan Hayfield

Meghan Hayfield’22 is an English major and potential religion correlate from Long Island. She can often be found making a mess in the ceramics studio, taking pictures of trees, or, much to the dismay of everyone else, eating not-quite-ripe pears. Her favorites include summer tomatoes, biking downhill, Jane Austen and rain puddles.

Assistant Editors

Nina Ajemian

Leila Raines

Humor & Satire


Izzy Migani

Izzy Migani ’21 is from Guilford, Connecticut. She’s majoring in biology and has a double correlate in anthropology and art history. Her hobbies include drinking sangria, feeding the same two ducks every day, and showing everyone that cool shadow puppet she can do whether they ask about it or not.

Assistant Editors

Madi Donat



Sawyer Bush

Sawyer Bush ’22 is from Great Barrington Massachusetts. He is a Political Science major and has a correlate in Urban Studies. When he’s not editing or writing articles for the Misc, Sawyer is playing guitar with either one of his bands or his Jazz Combo or driving around in his bright blue Mini Cooper. Sawyer also loves blues music, sitting quietly on the Hudson, and rewatching the Avatar series for the fifth time.



Alex Eisert

Alex Eisert ’22 is a junior psychology major from New York City with prospective minors in economics and philosophy. He is interested in how and why people make decisions, something that he clearly struggled with himself when determining his course of study. When he isn’t scrolling through the backpages of the Vassar Athletics website looking for his latest Stat Chat inspiration, he can be found playing cards in the Retreat or taking pensive walks on Vassar’s nature preserve.

Assistant Editor

Jackie Molloy

Jackie Molloy is a sophomore.



Juliette Pope

Juliette Pope ’21 is a Psychology major and studio art minor from London (but no she doesn’t have an accent so stop asking). Her journey to becoming a part of the Misc was all a bit of a blur and she isn’t really sure how she got here, but supposes she probably wouldn’t change it anyway. Outside of making graphics for the Misc, Juliette enjoys all forms of art except painting, making color-coded schedules (another form of art if you ask her) and thinks her life would be greatly improved if she had a pet snake.



Jacqueline Gill

Jacqueline Gill ’23 is a prospective English major from San Jose, CA. When she’s not debating the infamous Oxford comma or checking citations, she can be found reading in the Old Bookstore or hanging out with her friends.

Phoebe Jacoby

Phoebe Jacoby ’22 is a Media Studies major from Connecticut with a potential correlate in Studio Art. When she isn’t copyediting for the Misc, she likes watching rom-coms, thinking about doing crosswords and appreciating pesto as the superior condiment. During her time at Vassar, she has found the Deece booths to be an excellent nap spot.

Caitlin Patterson

Caitlin Patterson ’22 is a Political Science major who is still lamenting Vassar’s lack of  a Media Studies correlate. A second-generation copy editor, she has worked on Copy Staff since her first semester at Vassar. When she’s not reacquainting herself with the AP style guide, she enjoys complaining about the cold, listening to obscure music and collecting clothes in Pantone color 2226 C.


Assistant Editors

Sherry Liao

Sherry Liao 23’ is sophomore STS major with a correlate in Math and maybe Japanese. She is from Shanghai, China and loves the city—except when it’s not snowing but cold as hell. Her biggest dream so far is to raise a cat or a dog or both, and her latest wish is not to fall asleep during her econ class. She likes writing but is lame at writing in any language other than Chinese. She’s working on it.

Grace Rousell



Emma Tanner

Emma Tanner ‘22 is an STS major from Northampton, Massachusetts. She is a member of the Vassar Women’s Soccer team and loves nothing more than a good oversized groutfit.

Assistant Manager

Logan Hyde

Social Media


Natalie Bober

Natalie Bober ’21 is an Educational Studies major with an Art History correlate.  She is the president of Big Night In, a member of the Education Students Committee and a frequenter of the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center.  In her free time she makes jewelry and binge watches makeup videos, all while snacking on anything containing chocolate.


Alison Carranza


Production Manager

Alexis Cerritos

Alexis Cerritos ’22 is a founding member of the Misc’s video production team. When he’s not behind a camera, you can find him napping—when he’s not napping, you can find him behind a DJ board or procrastinating. He’s always down to discuss the latest news in the hip-hop world.



Alex Barnard

Alex Barnard ’21 is the Misc’s first audio editor! Formerly an arts columnist, Alex edits, organizes and oversees the production of the Misc’s podcasts. When he’s not busy with classes and his various duties for the paper, Alex can be found playing guitar, listening to Black Sabbath or watching Letterkenny (which he thinks more people should watch. It’s on Hulu so…yeah watch it).

Assistant Editor

Mrin Somani

Live Events


Ben Scharf

Ben is a sophomore from Worcester MA, switching indecisively between a major in Psychology and Cognitive Science. He enjoys loud music, watching cooking shows (strictly for the ASMR triggers) and drumming. He loves the 1975, and painfully misses the Dixie Chicks. Reach out to him with any and all event inquiries. Office hours are held every weeknight, 1:00-1:30am in the basement of Davi, next to the vending machines. 



Monika Sweeney


Francisco Andrade

Karina Burnett

Madison Caress

Doug Cobb

Rohan Dutta

Nicholas Gorman

Helen Johnson

Xin Rui Ong

Graphic Designer

Sandro Luis Lorenzo

Copy Staff

Arlene Chen

Glenna Gomez

Jason Han

Tori Lubin

Bryn Marling

Claire Miller

Sashinka Poor

Melissa Roybal

Mia Stein


Reese Collins