Editorial Submission Policy:

The Miscellany News welcomes all students, faculty and staff to submit Opinions columns and Letters to the Editor. Editorial submissions should be 900-1200 words and must be sent to misc@vassar.edu. The submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday night for publication in Wednesday’s issue. All submissions will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor, and if accepted, will be published online and in print.

Opinions pieces and Letters to the Editor must present a clear and logical argument supported by factual evidence. These submissions must be original and previously unpublished. Direct responses to articles or columns previously published in The Miscellany News will be considered Letters to the Editor and will not be edited for length. Opinions columns may be edited for length, grammar and style. The Miscellany News will not publish pieces that contain hate speech, personal attacks or defamation. The Miscellany News does not endorse any views expressed in the paper, with the exception of the weekly Staff Editorial, which represents the opinion of at least ⅔ of the Editorial Board.

Students interested in contributing to other sections as guest reporters or columnists are encouraged to reach out to section editors (see under the “Meet the Staff” section) for more information.


Comment Moderation Policy:

The purpose of the comment section of The Miscellany News’ website is to provide a forum for thoughtful debate and critique. Thus, the Online Editor reserves the right to moderate and delete comments which constitute hate speech, personal attacks, defamation, commercial promotions or impersonations.