Empress Of dazzles in the Shiva


When Empress Of released her first studio album in Septem­ber 2015, president of No-ViCE Zack Wilks ’17 turned up his efforts to get her to Vassar. “I told ViCE, ‘She’s…

VRDT showcases student, staff choreographic evolution

By CONNOR MCILWAIN – 8 years ago

Traditionally, schools with strong dance programs offer the art form as a major. Students take classes, rehearse, perform and of­ten live together. But Vassar’s program is differ­ent. Its company, the…

Drama series incorporates horror, humor

By JILLIAN ELKIN – 8 years ago

“Good evening, idiot hookers.” That’s just one line spouted cruelly from the lips of Chanel Oberlin, portrayed by Emma Roberts, in the TV show “Scream Queens” created by Ryan Murphy,…

Glass Ulysses Cylinders thread Irish narrative

By SIEU NGUYEN – 8 years ago

by Sam Pianello   In the dim-lit North and South Wings of the Library, a series of golden glass cylinders, as if illuminated from inside with brown and green smear­ing,…

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