BBC series artfully delves into Israel-Palestine conflict

By JAMES PEDERSON – 8 years ago

When a family member is kidnapped, Anglo-Israeli arms heiress-turned-philanthropist Nessa Stein struggles with the past and present as her Arab-Israeli telecommunications initiative is manipulated by dark forces beyond her control.…

Maslany excels as multitude of clones

By PALAK PATEL – 9 years ago

Saturday was a big night for me. Not because of the Spring Concert (sorry, Danny Brown), and not because it was my friend’s birthday (sorry, Sam), but because it was…

Broadchurch a clever murder mystery

By MAX ROOK – 10 years ago

People love to talk about how we live in a “Golden Age of Television.” With the rise of the cable drama in the last decade, and the ever-increasing range of…