Remnants of colonialism plague Chinese economy

By HELOISE MERCIER – 9 years ago

Most countries in East Asia, especially those in Southeast Asia, were built from two related forces: migration and colonialism. The former implied a large dispersion of citizens from Central Asia…

Students who are looking to build start-ups: be wary

By HELOISE MERCIER – 10 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg: 21; Nick d’Aloisio: 17; Kevin Systrom: 28; Caterina Fake: 33; Jack Dorsey: 30. These are the ages at which the founders of Facebook, Summly, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter…

Economic growth in China creates political challenges

By SARA LOBO – 10 years ago

Formerly described by Napoleon Bonaparte as a “sleeping giant,” China has in recent decades awoken from its slumber of isolation and economic stagnation to take its place at the forefront…