Tisci forces NY Fashion Week to confront city’s past

By EMMA JONES – 7 years ago

The line between creating commentary on social events and exploiting them as a commercial endeavor is dangerously fine in every industry. The art world, however, is often given a little…

‘Seven Sisters Style’ revisits fashion history

By SAMANTHA KOHL – 9 years ago

Walking around Vassar’s campus, one might observe students wearing everything from the avant-garde to sportswear. But historically, Vassar students helped establish what today is referred to as classic prep. Fashion…

Fashion blog features campus style

By JAKE SOLOMON – 9 years ago

In a world where fashion blogs are more immediate and influential than prestigious magazines such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, a Vassar-centric fashion blog is gaining influence on and off…

Fashionable students reveal their style secrets

By Media Correspondants – 10 years ago

The Misc Multimedia team interviews students around the Vassar campus to see from where they draw their fashion inspiration and how they would describe their personal styles.

The February 15 Blog Update!

By ONLINE STAFF – 10 years ago

What’s on the agenda for the Miscellany News’ blogs during the upcoming week? See for yourself! Get your weekly dose of healthy living with Isabella Johnson, theater with Emily Salshutz…