Spector is unconventional, unguided

By MAX ROOK – 9 years ago

The new HBO film Phil Spector begins with a disclaimer that says “This is a work of fiction. It’s not ‘based on a true story.’ It is a drama inspired…

Spring Breakers: shallow romp or ingenious commentary?

By LILY SLOSS – 9 years ago

“It’s just like James Franco saying ‘sprang break, sprang break’ the whole time. That’s what I heard.” With this comment, and only this, as my fore-knowledge of Spring Breakers, I…

Seniors collaborate on final film projects

By JACK OWEN – 9 years ago

For many Vassar film majors, senior year proves to be their chance to set themselves apart through their art, and at the same time to collaborate  on projects and support…

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