MECHA holiday celebrations offer elements of home

By KAYLA GONZALEZ – 8 years ago

courtesy of Mecha “Being Latino is pivotal to my time here at Vassar. I really couldn’t imagine being any other race.” Sergio Perez ’18 shared this thought to a small…

Holi celebration explodes with flying colors

By SHANNON LIAO – 10 years ago

On the Quad, billowing pink clouds of smoke encased students. Friends and strangers alike grabbed handfuls of green and red powder, decorating each other’s faces and clothes with a spatter…

VC community rings in Lunar New Year on and off campus

By SHANNON LIAO – 10 years ago

Last Friday, most students were either sleeping in or attending class, but for a select group of students studying Chinese, it was showtime. Belting out Beijing opera, singing group songs,…