Rhetoric on terrorism reveals underlying Islamophobia

By JESSE HOROWITZ – 9 years ago

Throughout his administration, President Obama has come under fire both at home and abroad for refusing to call terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS “Islamic.” Conservative leaders, such…

Islamaphobia permeates GOP rhetoric

By NICHOLAS BARONE – 9 years ago

Since Sept. 11, inflammatory rhetoric regard­ing the status of Muslim-Americans in the United States has been an unfortunate aspect of many politicians’ stances and leanings. Last Sunday night, GOP presidential…

Alum sparks debate on global terrorism

By SHELIA HU – 9 years ago

On April 24, Vassar alumnus Marc Thiessen ’89 gave a lecture entitled, “America’s Failed Response to Radical Islam,” hosted by the Vassar Conservative Libertarian Union (VCLU). Thiessen was set to…