Orgs deserve more autonomy with funds

By THE EDITORS – 10 years ago

Every year, each student contributes $320, amounting to more than $750,000 to fund the Vassar Students Association (VSA) and all of its projects and activities, as well as support over…

VSA org rollover must accommodate long-term savings

By THE EDITORS – 11 years ago

At the most recent meeting on Sunday, March 25, Vassar Student Association (VSA) Vice President for Finance Alex Koren ’13 proposed an omnibus amendment to the VSA Bylaws, seeking to…

Unitarian Universalists carve niche at VC

By CARMEN REINICKE – 11 years ago

Students use their four years at college for self-exploration, which, for many, includes figuring out where they stand when it comes to spirituality and religion. This idea of searching and…