Do Something VC fails to represent LGBTQ spectrum

By AJA BRADY-SAALFELD – 9 years ago

V assar is not nearly as queer friendly as it would lead people to believe. Everything I have ever experienced in the queer community has led me to the conclusion…

Social media helps VC beat WBC, keep up momentum

By JOSH SHERMAN – 9 years ago

One week from today, the Westboro Baptist Church has planned to descend upon Vassar in an action of hatred against our amazing campus. But it doesn’t matter. We’ve already won.…

Dutchess community protests jail expansion

By RACHAEL BORNÉ – 9 years ago

On the night of January 20th, 2013, a group of local activists and community members gathered under the light of the Bardavon Theatre’s glowing marquee in protest of a proposal…

Local residents protest as college prepares for January cull

By RUTH BOLSTER and LEIGHTON SUEN – 10 years ago

Local Poughkeepsie residents, Vassar students and faculty gathered on the corner of Collegeview and Raymond Avenues for two hours to protest the deer cull that is planned for January 2013.