Meet Vassar’s intramural cornhole champions

By Monika Sweeney – 4 days ago

Muhammad Ali said it best: “Champions aren’t made in gyms…” He was right, especially when it comes to cornhole. Instead, they are made behind the dumpsters of the Athletics and…

Has it always been like this?

By Frankie Knuckles – 4 days ago

Le printemps vera, we said, and it did. Creeped up on us in greens and pinks and purples and buttercup yellow.  Around December, I start to really miss the smell…

Class of ’21 has Commencement ceremony, visitors remote

By Lucy Brewster and Annabelle Wang – 7 days ago

When COVID-19 emerged last spring, seniors everywhere had their college experience cut short and celebrated the milestone of their graduation over a screen. This year, Vassar’s Class of 2021 will…

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