Avoiding offense prevents honest exchange

By JESSE HOROWITZ – 7 years ago

Growing up in Westchester, I always be­lieved that ‘political correctness’ was an invention of bitter conservatives fed up with being called racist for brazenly spouting de­rogatory slurs. Certain public officials,…

Gender equality a larger societal issue

By UDBHAV AGARWAL – 8 years ago

I do not remember exactly when it happened, but somewhere over the last 18 years, I was told—not explicitly, though—that when I grow up, I will take care of my…

Anger can be cathartic for the oppressed

By AJA SAALFELD – 9 years ago

There is something that needs to be made clear—oppressed people hating their oppressors is not hate speech. It’s not violence, and it does not cause any real harm. The entire…