Illuminated balloons to sail across, light up Sunset Lake

By MARGARET YAP – 9 years ago

Imagine approximately 1000 balloons floating on the surface of Sunset Lake. They have been inflated by an air compressor and they glow with different colors. LEDs reside within them, illuminating…

Painter Morris blurs natural and abstract

By CHARLACIA DENT – 9 years ago

Painter and foreign language enthusiast Madeleine Morris ’14 is not afraid to push boundaries in her art, blurring the distinction between abstract and naturalistic. But she has not always approached…

Campus Canvas 4/24/2013

By MADELEINE MORRIS – 9 years ago

In this piece, for a Sculpture 1 assignment about scale, I made oversized Russian nesting dolls or matryoshka.  The changing scale of the nesting dolls that stack inside each other…