Community honors Transgender Day of Remembrance

By JEREMY MIDDLEMAN – 7 years ago

In solidarity with victims of trans­phobic violence around the world, Vassar students and staff raised their candles and stood in silence. The vigil, held on Nov. 20 and cospon­sored by…

Series navigates, learns from student stories

By JULIA CUNNINGHAM – 7 years ago

courtesy of Josh Pratt  What would it be like to attend school across an ocean from your home? VCTV seeks to explore the answers to that question from the perspectives…

Campus Patrol provides extra layer of support to students

By MARIA BELL – 7 years ago

While it’s probably true that getting through four years without needing per­sonal help from Campus Patrol would be ideal, having an experience with Campus Patrol isn’t the catastrophe many students…

Video attacks VC student services

By RHYS JOHNSON – 7 years ago

courtesy of YouTube Vassar maintains a special spot on the ever-growing list of American colleges and universities with reputations for being hotbeds of liberal idealism, a description that many on…

Letter to the Editor: Olivia Price ’17

By OLIVIA PRICE – 7 years ago

Please consider this response to “Ara­mark introduces vegan dining initiative” (10/21/15). Save the Earth – from the time we’re young, we hear about ways we can take personal responsibility for…

Summer in China propels students forward in fluency

By SARAH DOLAN – 8 years ago

Vassar students participated in the Qingdao Program in China to improve their Chinese skills. The program offers three credits over the course of the summer and is equivalent to third-year…

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