Alum returns with hope for students pursuing art world

By YIFAN WANG – 8 years ago

Beyond Taylor and the Loeb, outside of New Hackensack and Doubleday, where are art students going after Vassar? After spending four years honing their craft and increasing their love for…

Baskin supports ‘possible’ two state-solution in talk

By RHYS JOHNSON – 8 years ago

On Nov. 3, J Street U Vassar, a student organization committed to discussing a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the context a two state-solution perspective, hosted an event featuring…

Campus Current brings narrative elements to radio

By SAMANTHA KOHL – 9 years ago

In 2014, TEDTalks attract just as many—and oftentimes, more—views as many Top Forty music videos on YouTube. Keeping that in mind, it should come as no surprise that WVKR is…