Show brings comic series back from dead

By SAACHI JAIN – 9 years ago

The new show iZombie is an unusual mix of genres, including all the best elements of crime, horror, comedy and drama that make the show incredibly enjoyable to watch. iZombie…

Third Rhimes series displays potential

By CONNOR MACILWAIN – 9 years ago

My friends and I spent one of our last few days on campus before break huddled over a laptop in one of Cushing’s parlors binge watching ABC’s “How to Get…

Familiar ‘Men’ falls flat in final seasons

By RAPHAEL MARIANI – 9 years ago

There’s no doubt about it: we are living in the golden age of television. From comedies like The Big Bang Theory to dramas like True Detective, TV is as diverse…

‘Gilmore Girls’ evolves with multiple views

By MARIE SOLIS – 10 years ago

There are few things I liked at age 12 that I still like now. Flared jeans, layerable tank tops, the musical stylings of Colbie Callait — I’ve grown out of…

‘Veep’ comedic, absurd spin on DC politics

By HARRIS GURNEY – 10 years ago

“Democracy is so overrated” remarks the shrewd Frank Underwood in the Washington D.C thriller “House of Cards.” While Netflix’s most popular drama satirizes the corrupt world of Washington D.C through…

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