Epic ‘Rise’ pushes limits of stylized subject matter

By ISABELLA DELEO – 9 years ago

According to playwright Bertolt Brecht, “murderers command too much respect from us.” Embracing this concept, Brecht wrote the play “The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui,” a story that allegorically examines…

‘Truth About Truth’ examines absurdity

By JAKE SOLOMON – 9 years ago

“The Truth About Truth (Everything is Breakfast Food),” as a title, reveals very little about the play’s content. And creator Ethan Cohen ’16 would not have it any other way.…

Merely Players modifies classic play Prometheus Bound

By ZOE KURTZ – 9 years ago

Prometheus Bound, directed by Steven Wooley ’14 and starring Zachary Boylan ’16, premieres September 27 after a rather unconventional rehearsal schedule. Normally, a show’s process follows the schedule of the…