VC traditions require reevaluation, more student input

By THE EDITORS – 8 years ago

The past two VSA meetings have involved sometimes heated discussion about Ser­enading, an event scheduled for this coming Sunday, September 20. Serenading has tradi­tionally been based around first years from…

Daisy Chain links commencements of past and present

By EMILY SAYER – 9 years ago

The Daisy Chain, a tradition dating back to the late 1800s, celebrates the camaraderie and amiability fostered between the separate graduating classes on Vassar’s campus. Drawing together both sophomores and…

To eliminate wrestling disregards tradition

By ZACH RIPPE – 11 years ago

In 1896, the Games of the I Olympiad were held in Athens, Greece. This illustrious event is now considered the first Olympic Games of the Modern era. These games featured…