Outside the Bubble 1/30/14

By ELIZABETH DEAN – 10 years ago

Brain-Dead Patient Removed from Life Support On Sunday, Jan 26, a Texas hospital removed 33-year-old Marlise Munoz from life support after a protracted legal battle between Munoz’s family and the…

Ukraine riots continue to demand change

By ZOE RIPECKY – 10 years ago

Protests Escalate As Ukrainians Continue to Fight for New Governance In late Nov. 2013, people from all over Ukraine came together in the country’s capital, Kiev, to participate in peaceful…

Ukraine continues to seek support of EU in recent times

By ZOE RIPECKY – 10 years ago

Ukraine means “borderland.” Throughout history, the country has fallen under a variety of powers and has often found itself split between east and west. For hundreds of years, eastern Ukraine…