valentine’s day

A last shot at love with Cupid’s SWAPR

By JULIA CUNNINGHAM – 8 years ago

For those singles on Valentine’s Day, there is still hope. The spirit of Valentine’s Day is not limited to loving your friends, family and significant others; loving the environment is…

The Miscellany News Guide to: Valentine’s Day Magic

By LILY SLOSS – 9 years ago

I could write an article about the Super Bowl. Because, you know, it’s “topical” and whatnot. But Lily “Washington State” Doyle is borderline apoplectic about her team’s big win, so…

ViCE Valentine’s Day Concert outlet for lonely singles

By YUHAN SHUI – 10 years ago

As Valentine’s Day approaches, two opposite poles emerge on Vassar’s campus: those who are wrapped up in romance, and those who reject the notion entirely. The Valentine’s Day Concert, presented…