Open Hillel allows VJU to welcome all backgrounds

By VASSAR JEWISH UNION – 10 years ago

Two months ago, the Vassar Jewish Union, a Hillel Student Organization (VJU), declared itself an Open Hillel. Since then, there have been many articles published and discussions had about what…

Vassar Jewish Union becomes Open Hillel

By ANNA IOVINE – 10 years ago

The Bayit House is the Center for Jewish students at Vassar College. Recently, the Vassar Jewish Union voted to become an Open Hillel, disassociating itself with Hillel International. Photo By:…

VJU agrees to be Open Hillel organization

By VASSAR JEWISH UNION – 10 years ago

Members of the Vassar Jewish Union (VJU) community voted on Tuesday, Feb. 18 to declare the organization to be an Open Hillel. The VJU is a Hillel-affiliated student organization that…