Day: November 16, 2016

Campus discusses poll results

By LAUREL HENNEN VIGIL – 8 years ago

Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election on Nov. 8 sent shock waves across the Vassar campus—students raged, sobbed and protested. On Thursday, Nov. 10, dozens of students attended a…

Activist reflects on VC Divest

By JAKOB ECKSTEIN – 8 years ago

  Sophie Cash ’19 reflected, “[I’ve] al­ways been interested in the envi­ronment. My dad worked in environ­mental policy, so the saving-the-earth narrative was always big for me.” True to her…

Mosier unites LGBTQ+ community, athletes

By LINDSAY WOLK – 8 years ago

On Monday, Nov. 14, Vassar stu­dents from all different commu­nities joined together in the Villard Room to hear Chris Mosier speak about his life and experiences. Mosier is the first…

Students trump hate with protest

By ANDREA YANG – 8 years ago

By the end of election night, Vas­sar campus was filled with faces of somber disbelief. Social media outlets were flooded with indignant outcries and passionate remarks. Around 3 a.m. of…

Mixed reception of Trump in China inspires criticism

By YIFAN WANG & IRIS LI – 8 years ago

Last Wednesday, we sat in our room with another friend, talking about the previous night, Nov. 9. The day had been confusing and we were despondent, just like the rain…

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