The Miscellany News, one of the oldest collegiate weeklies in the country, has served as the student newspaper of Vassar College since 1866. Produced by more than 40 student volunteers, The Miscellany News sets Vassar’s standard for in-depth reporting, creative thinking, exemplary writing and journalistic excellence. Student workers distribute the paper every Thursday morning during the academic year, and thousands of Vassar students, faculty members, administrators, staff, alumnae/i and Arlington readers flip through it over their morning coffee to stay up to date with the latest campus goings-on.

Submission Policy: The Miscellany News welcomes opinion pieces and Letter to the Editor submissions from all members of the Vassar community. Due to space considerations, we privilege pieces by students and members of the immediate campus community, including faculty, staff and administration. Pieces by members of the extended campus community (alumnae/i etc.) will be considered. Opinion pieces and Letters to the Editor must be between 600-1250 words, and must be free of any libelous claims, hate speech, personal attacks, baseless or misleading claims, and must be fact-checked. Letters to the Editor should be directed to the Editor or the campus community, and we reserve the right to deny publication or previously published pieces or communications. Opinions and Letters are individual pieces written by a member or members of the Vassar community and do not reflect the views of The Miscellany News. Questions can be directed to