The collective chaos that is club soccer

By Caris Lee – 1 week ago

As classes come to a close for the day, some students choose to schlep to the library to tackle their piles of work and others just want to dart back…

Week Two Exposes frauds, Showcases Contenders

By Henry France – 1 week ago

Between the 644 points scored on Thursday and Sunday, we saw record-breaking comebacks, overtime thrillers and, well, the Chicago Bears did what the Bears do. If anyone could make Baker…

Reflecting on fantasy football Week One

By Billy Fan – 1 week ago

Two weeks ago, I debuted my fantasy football expertise with style and confidence. Given a full page of Vassar’s oldest student paper of record, I carefully curated detailed explanations for…

NFL season begins with high drama

By Henry France – 2 weeks ago

From the moment the confetti fell at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles, winning their second Super Bowl in…

NBA playoffs rich with theatrics

By – 5 months ago

At almost two weeks in, the NBA playoffs have been abundantly entertaining. And though the play has been high-level, the drama of fierce competition and player rivalries is what has…

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