The Art of Running

By Doug Cobb – 2 months ago

“Even though I felt awful, and I knew beforehand that I was going to feel awful, it was still an exciting thing. I look back on it and I still…

After a lifetime of athletics, former athletes reflect

By Dean Kopitsky – 3 months ago

Sandro Luis Lorenzo/The Miscellany News Long ago, in a sepia-toned time, some of America’s most exclusive academic institutions were also its most athletically rigorous. Over time though, leather-headed powerhouses such…

Should the Olympics be held this summer?

By – 3 months ago

The Summer Olympics, much like the athletes who participate in them, are incredibly resilient. Since 1896, the Summer Olympics have been held every four years almost without fail, surviving the…

Stat Chat: The Answer (Pt. 2)

By – 4 months ago

Analyzing a psychological process and determining the circumstances under which it impacts behavior is all well and good. However, I find that the real fun often comes from thinking about…

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