SJP poster sparks backlash, motion to censure

By – 6 days ago

[Update: Dec. 7, 2021: An earlier version of this article referred to “antisemitism” and “antisemitic” as “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Semitic.” Corrections have been made since.] On Nov. 14, the VSA brought…

Vassar Student Association Updates

By – 3 weeks ago

VASSAR STUDENT ASSOCIATION Senate Agenda ~ Nov. 14, 2021   Updates and Announcements  Executive Board  Equity and Inclusion  The committee discussed inclusion in the faculty housing system. They also discussed…

Dutchess County election review

By – 4 weeks ago

On the heels of last year’s Democratic successes nationwide, Dutchess County Republicans enjoyed a great share of victories in this off-year election. Historically, the opposing party tends to outperform its…

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