Day: April 19, 2017

Vassar reconsiders mission

By and – 7 years ago

Vassar College, like most educational institutions, has a long history rooted in the exclusion of marginalized and disadvantaged groups. While some work has been done to make Vassar a more…

Production unravels love myths

By – 7 years ago

We who are young have years ahead of us to experience what we have yet to achieve. But as we get older, we lose those infinite opportunities. What happens when…

Tennis rallies for third Seven Sisters title

By Fiona MacLeod – 7 years ago

After winning the two past annual Seven Sisters Tournaments, the Vassar College women’s tennis team set out to defend their title. Earning hard fought battles against Bryn Mawr College, Smith…

MfA President ponders STEM education crisis, solutions

By Steven Huynh – 7 years ago

Sponsored by the Math Department, President of Math for America (MfA) John Ewing gave a lecture this past Thursday, contemplating whether the United States is undergoing an education crisis, whether…

Vassar launches second ‘What Happens Here’ survey

By Hanna Stasiuk – 7 years ago

[Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault.] Last week, Vassar students received an email inviting them to participate in the “What Happens Here” survey. As the survey website explains, “[This study]…

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