Day: April 27, 2022

Magic Mike 3 to star Alison DiLaurentis

By Alison DiLaurentis – 2 years ago

Despite her clear aversion to attention of any kind, Alison DiLaurentis ’23 has been identified as “a diamond in the rough” by Warner Bros. executive Cann Fuckoff, the first female…

Exploring the overlooked art of live albums

By Allen Hale – 2 years ago

Although studio albums tend to be the most praised and consumed form of recorded music, live albums present their audiences with unique art that cannot be replicated through studio recording.…

Concert sparks controversy

By – 2 years ago

On April 22, singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza opened for Flo Milli during Vassar College Entertainment’s (ViCE) annual Spring Concert. De Souza later posted on her Instagram story to voice her…