Day: November 18, 2015

Shakespeare abridged seeks inclusivity with comedy, fun

By SABRINA OH – 7 years ago

Romeo and Hamlet in a Midsummer Night’s Dream? Wherefore art thou Oth­ello? Congruity can be comfortable, but incon­gruity can be light-hearted and funny. The College’s Philaletheis Society takes just that…

Girlhood’s identity-specific focus counters stereotypes

By JILLIAN ELKIN – 7 years ago

Coming of age films are common and often predictable. They fetishize adolescence through rose-colored glasses or display the un­surprising pitfalls that young people fall into much to the chagrin of…

SOAK splashes onto scene with depth, haunting voice

By PATRICK TANELLA – 7 years ago

As I peruse Spotify and Pandora, I am con­stantly attempting to find new artists and songs. While browsing Troye Sivan’s Spotify playlist, I came across a beautifully haunting song called…