Day: February 8, 2017

Gorillaz debut eerie, politically-charged song after hiatus

By Izzy Braham – 6 years ago

Aday before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Gorillaz released a song and music video, “Hallelujah Money,” featuring British artist and musician Benjamin Clementine. The song, a slow-paced, majestic lamentation on America’s current…

Migos disappoints, “Culturally” speaking

By Jimmy Christon – 6 years ago

If I had to give the music Migos makes a movie equivalent, it’d be a big, dumb action flick. Not a schlocky B-tier one, but not an excellent one either.…

Good idea or cat-astrophe? Kennel show features cats

By Chris Allen – 6 years ago

Attention all fancy doggos, pooches, puppers, pupperoni pizzas and floofs: get ready for an awkward get-together with your estranged, meowier cousins. The weather forecast for this weekend in New York…