Day: October 28, 2020

HORRORscopes: October 29

By – 12 months ago

It isn’t safe to sit in the dark. Let the light in, slowly so as not to disturb anyone––or anything. Then again, maybe it’s better not knowing. Your brain may…

The Vassar Daisy Chain: a link to centuries of history

By Merrick Rubinstein – 12 months ago

In terms of Vassar traditions, the Daisy Chain has had quite an impressive run—the event has been an inseparable part of commencement culture ever since 1894, pausing only once for…

Notes on a Playlist: ‘mentally i’m here’

By Rachael Hahn – 12 months ago

I often think of creating playlists as my way of keeping a journal. This is because, time and time again, I have proven to myself that I am completely incapable…