Anna Kozloski

Fruitless Fortunes

By – 7 months ago

A woman who claimed premonition Put her services up for vendition. At each client, she’d shriek, “Your future is bleak! One day you will need a mortician!” – Anna Kozloski


By – 9 months ago

An exceedingly menacing maid Loved to creep through the halls in the shade. Whispering oaths no one knows, She’d leap about on her toes And take jabs at the air…

Princely Perils

By – 10 months ago

The shrieks of one puny Prince Gibb Roused a nurse to inspect the babe’s crib. Her findings were shocking— A cradle still rocking A singular, semi-mauled rib.   – Anna…

Unusual Lodging

By – 10 months ago

The residents dare not inquire Why she spends every day on the spire; The last one who asked Unnaturally passed  When she unleashed a monstrous lyre.   – Anna Kozloski


By – 10 months ago

If the past is the past, And the present’s downcast, Rejoice, then, my reader, In a brighter forecast.   – Anna Kozloski