Anna Kozloski


By – 6 months ago

‘Twas a matter remarkably queer That a turnip had grown from each ear, And to make matters worse He’d not see a nurse; The prognosis, indeed, was unclear. – Anna…


By – 7 months ago

There once was a dubious parson Who zealously dabbled in arson, And in Hell, he rejoiced That the torture of choice Did not daunt but secretly charmed him. – Anna…


By – 7 months ago

The wily and winsome coquette Grew bored of tall blondes and brunettes; She retired her ways And now spends her days In a submarine bugle quartet.   – Anna Kozloski


By – 7 months ago

A maniacal set of spry twins Chased each other about with large pins, And their mother repented The day she invented Partakers of such frightful sins.   – Anna Kozloski


By – 8 months ago

The gentlemen fawned over Madam Goat, Who clad herself in a designer coat.   Later, ladies, seized with malice, Relieved their envy with a poisoned chalice.   – Anna Kozloski…

Infantile Instinct

By – 8 months ago

A babe had a horrid propensity To shriek with such frightful intensity That one fateful day, When denied time to play, Its cry quaked the earth with immensity. – Anna…

Star-Crossed Lovers

By – 8 months ago

To a cat in pursuit of its tail Said a wistful, heartbroken snail, “Beware a heart set On what it can’t get! I should know; I’m in love with a…

The Shower Singer

By – 1 year ago

A girl by the name of Lynn Squeak Uttered sweet-sounding trills from her beak. But what a curious thing! When the loud water waned, You’d only hear hideous shrieks!  …


By – 1 year ago

There was an old woman named Lool Who asked to partake in a duel. When I shook my head no, She delivered a blow Aimed right at the family jewels.…