Day: December 1, 2021

December 2nd Horoscopes

By – 2 years ago

Gonna be honest, I’m running out of small assignments to complete in order to procrastinate on my big assignments. What am I supposed to do now that I just have…


By – 2 years ago

Someone rang the doorbell! Ooo! Who could it be? Maybe it’s a talking goose Who wants a cup of tea!   Or maybe it’s a cobbler With a magic pair…

3 Cities, 10 Days

By Callum Ashley – 2 years ago

It was only the night before that we realized we wouldn’t make it to the airport the next day. Our four flights, five hotels and poor bank accounts were potentially…

A delightful dorm review of a double in Davi

By Isabel Stowe – 2 years ago

The dorm room is Davi 333. It is an exceptionally nice dorm room. Of course it is. It’s Davi. Davi is an exceptionally nice dorm. In fact, I would go…

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