Day: October 5, 2022


By – 1 year ago

Aries Watching bad movies cleanses the soul and is a perfect way to procrastinate. Especially now that the most annoying people around you think it’s somehow Christmastime, some less-than-professional holiday…

VSA fall elections results: New VSA members speak on future

By Will Sorge and Nathaniel Dexter – 1 year ago

After years of COVID-19 disrupting the election process, Vassar College hoped to return to normalcy in this year’s election cycle. As a means of facilitating this transition, the Vassar Board…

How I learned Japanese in less than 10 minutes

By Alyssa Willeford – 1 year ago

Have you ever wanted to study an important foreign language, particularly the one rumored to be among the most difficult in the world for English speakers to master? Would you…

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