Day: February 1, 2023


By – 1 year ago

Aries Examine your vices and guilty pleasures this week. Are the things you like guilty pleasures because they are traditionally liked by teenage girls, or are they actually worth a…

An exclusive interview with the Phantom Pisser

By Nandini Likki – 1 year ago

Reader, I have scoured everywhere in order to write this article. I have searched high and low for this fantastic fiend and their unique urethra, and I have finally found…

The story of how I won the storage wars

By Alyssa Willeford – 1 year ago

Most Vassar students make one crucial mistake during their time here: acquiring possessions. Oh, yes, it seems like a good idea to buy a towel to dry yourself off with,…

Unusual Lodging

By – 1 year ago

The residents dare not inquire Why she spends every day on the spire; The last one who asked Unnaturally passed  When she unleashed a monstrous lyre.   – Anna Kozloski

Mindset change needed in age of COVID-19

By Britt Andrade – 1 year ago

The last several years of COVID-19 have been peppered with the phrase “when things go back to normal.” When things go back to normal, we’ll be able to go to…